Proverbs 31: 8-9 : "Speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves…"

About is dedicated to the notion that there are still people who care about the poor and helpless of society.  The kind of person who will be drawn to this site is the kind of person who likes their status quo challenged, who likes to scratch their head and go, “Hmmm…?”  They are the kind of person who gets a sick stomach when they hear politicians proclaim that all the poor and needy must do to have a slice of the American pie is, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps just like I did!”

Naive people espouse naive platitudes like, “Pull yourself up by your bootstraps!”  It is easy to sound hopeful when your bank account is flush and your health insurance is fully paid by the people who elected you to office.

Like the sunset at the top of the page, the destitute and hopeless do have a hope for a brighter tomorrow.

Here’s the catch…

That hope is found in the compassion and love that you and I share when we roll up our sleeves and make a commitment to help.

Be a part of the movement!

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