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Why I Can’t Vote for Romney/Ryan. Hint: It’s in the Tax Returns


Once upon a time I naively believed that forcing politicians to release their tax returns was a fruitless exercise in self mutilation. I already knew most of these guys had more money than the average citizen. What could I possibly learn by reading the tax return of a rich guy?


Consider this tidbit.

When Paul Ryan, Mitt Romney’s presumptive VP nominee, recently released his tax returns, it was MOTS. (That’s shorthand for, “More of The Same.”) Lots of money earned, low tax rate paid. In one of his recent filing years Ryan earned around $350,000, paying an effective tax rate of not-quite 16%.

I expected Romney, an ULTRA-wealthy dude, to pay an even lower nominal tax rate since so much of his money comes from investments.  He did.  In his most recent year, Romney earned something like $20,000,000 in a single year and paid a tax rate of around 14%.

(Thank you, George W. for slashing taxes for people who have TONS of money in investments.)

What I didn’t expect was to learn that after earning $350,000 Ryan gave somewhere around $2,600 to charity.

That’s less than 1% of his adjusted gross income in charitable giving.


Ryan spouts the line that government should be smaller, that people should care for each other more, that government shouldn’t meddle in the lives of private citizens and we should be able to do whatever we want with our money, including keep it in our pockets at the expense of someone else falling through the cracks.

Of course he does.  Ryan evidences by his charitable giving that he doesn’t give a flying fig about people who need a helping hand.  His nauseating lack of beneficence speaks volumes.

News flash to the Republican party…

If you want me to respect your tax-cutting obsession then start showing me that you’re doing something more valuable with your money than just buying up another Beemer or mansion.  INVEST IT IN HUMANITY, for crying out loud!  GIVE SOMETHING to charity!

Until then, all I hear coming out of your mouths is so much blah, blah, blah.

‘Nuff said. I’m out.

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