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Mike Murdock: Just Another Christian Scam Artist

May 5, 2010 by Stephen Pearl | 3 Comments

Living in the Philadelphia area, I routinely flip over to Matt O’Donnell, Tamela Edwards, and the Action News Team for my weekly wake-up dose of reality.  Stabbings, murders, rapes, earthquakes, lava flows…  You know.  Just the stuff you need to get your day started off with a “What is the world coming to!” bang.  We go to sleep with Jim Gardner at 11, we wake up with Matt, Tamela, David, and Karen in the AM.

So imagine my shock this morning when I flipped on the FiOS box and was immediately met with a different kind of morning wake-up call.  I guess I accidentally left the Gospel Music Channel on after watching a rerun of a rerun of a rerun of “Sue Thomas: FB-EYE” on GMC.  There on my TV screen, begging for cash with the breathless earnestness of a man on the verge of starvation, was a guy I’d never heard of.   Mike Murdock was his name.  He was literally shouting into my face, “Don’t let your seed stay in your hand!  If you don’t plant your $1000 or $2000 seed you won’t get your harvest!”

‘Scuse me?

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